5 Tips To Set Up Your Trailer?

Do you want to go on a trip with your family, but you are not sure which means of transport is the best? Several means are at your disposal, but the camper van remains the most popular with holidaymakers of all kinds. But you still have to equip it properly. Read on to find out more.

Choose a trailer adapted to your needs.


The most commonly used trailers are utility vans. Nevertheless, you can choose between the fitted vans, integral, profile…It is generally presented as a compact vehicle with a lifting roof. In any case, it is important to choose your trailer according to the people to have the adapted space. If you have children, it is best to select a trailer with twin or bunk beds.

Before purchasing such a vehicle, you can first opt for a trailer rental. Moreover, if you regularly travel in a trailer with different storage spaces is to be preferred. You should also consider the insulation system, as you may have to travel in places with extreme temperatures.

The choice of the trailer also depends on other criteria than those mentioned above.

Arrange as much as possible

In order to obtain a comfortable space in the trailer, it will be necessary to arrange it well. To achieve this, proceed as follows.

Free up space

Space in a trailer is limited. That’s why it’s essential to optimize storage space. You can use the sides of each seat or exploit the inside of the doors. Use hooks and suction cups to hang all your utensils. In short, you need to take advantage of every available space.

Insulate the interior of the vehicle

Once you have arranged the space of your trailer, you must think about the insulation system. There are many solutions such as wool, cork or extruded polystyrene. But to avoid energy losses, it is recommended to use multi-layer insulation for the cell, the hold, the cupboards and the trunks. For the windshield, an external shutter will be more efficient.

In general, to insulate certain parts of your trailer, proceed as follows

  • Place multi-layer insulation on the inner body
  • Apply an undercoat to the areas to be insulated
  • Cover all the walls of the vehicle with plywood sheets

Arrange the interior of the vehicle


Installing furniture is a difficult job that requires some expertise. Follow these steps to have a user-friendly camper:

  • Carefully drill the window surfaces with a jigsaw
  • Install the retractable step at the entrance
  • Install the bedroom at the back of the cabin to generate a lot of space
  • Install lanterns in the front, back and bathroom to take advantage of natural light
  • Insulate the walls with multi-layer insulation
  • Spread a partitioned fabric on the ceiling of the cabin
  • Place storage solutions for clothes and various accessories
  • Install the bench seat against the partition
  • Use a cleat to store kitchen accessories: the sink, the stove and the space for the water tank
  • Place the refrigerator in the vehicle’s niche

To have a well-arranged space, use plywood that will serve both as a front and as a closure.

As a finishing touch, decorate the interior of your campsite according to your style. You can choose different themes. Don’t hesitate to play with natural light, paint, and vary the colours without overdoing it. The main thing is to have a space that is conducive to relaxation. If you don’t have your own camper, you can find one on glamping sites to enjoy the joys of wilderness camping.

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