Auto Body Dent Removal: What Is a Body Nail Puller?


– What is a body nail puller?

– Characteristics of the body nail puller

– The different models of body nail pullers

– How to use a nail gun

– How much does a nail puller cost?

The body nail puller is more and more used for dent removal operations carried out by professionals and private individuals. Here is a small overview of this highly efficient device that offers impeccable results.

What is a nail puller?

A body nail puller is a tool designed to easily and quickly straighten and reshape any part of a vehicle’s body, such as the doors, roof, hood or fenders.

This accessory has the function of removing dents from the bodywork thanks to a particular gun.

Did you know that? The body nail puller is sometimes called the “straightening station.”

Characteristics of the body nail puller

The body nail puller is mainly composed of:

– an adjustment device allowing to select with precision the desired power and program;

– a microprocessor control system to facilitate the welding operations;

– a welding gun connected by a cable to the welding station. The gun can be equipped with accessories supplied with the device, such as:

◦ a swaging tip used for shaping a metal;

◦ an inertia hammer for dent removal;

◦ a sledgehammer pad for pulling steel without damaging it;

◦ a star holder tip to accommodate the appropriate part (stars of different sizes being delivered with the nail puller);

◦ a 220 V power cable.

Good to know: in most cases, a control screen with a digital LCD equips a nail puller. It is ideal for viewing the settings and tasks to be performed as the work progresses.

The different models of nail pullers

Several types of nail guns are available on the market.

– The portable nail puller: its weight is generally between 25 and 30 kg. It is equipped with a handle that makes it easy to carry.

– The bodywork nail puller mounted on wheels: a model used mainly by professionals. The device is placed on mobile support equipped with 4 wheels allowing it to move the whole quickly. It can weigh more than 35 kg.

Note: the power of a nail puller is an essential criterion of choice. Above 4 kW, it offers optimal efficiency!

Bodywork nail puller: instructions for use

Straightening operations with a body nail puller are carried out in several stages:

– strip the surface of the bodywork by polishing the area to be treated to remove all traces of paint or rust and so that the weld clings perfectly to the sheet metal;

– position the nails, spaced about 1 cm apart, and weld them with the welding gun;

– screw a ring on each nail by securing it with the nail puller;

– straighten the bodywork by the attraction of the device, without loosening the nails, until the bodywork element returns to its original shape;

– Remove the nails with the gun;

– Apply body filler;

– Paint the treated area with a spray gun (2 to 3 coats are usually required);

– let dry and polish;

– if necessary, apply a coat of body varnish to obtain a perfect finish. 

Important: for a perfect result, it is essential to know how to use the nail gun and its different functions. It is in the best interest of novices to seek a professional’s advice capable of handling the entire bodywork restoration process.

How much does a nail puller cost?

The price of a new bodywork nail puller varies between $500 and $1,000 depending on:

– its quality;

– its power;

– the number of functions;

– its characteristics;

– the number of accessories.

Our recommendation: for occasional use, it is possible to rent a nail gun from a private individual or a professional for a rate between $20 and $50 per day or to buy a used one starting at $100.

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