What Is Ultrasonic Car Injector Cleaning?


  1. What is ultrasonic injector cleaning?
  2. Ultrasonic injector cleaning method
  3. Operation of an ultrasonic injector cleaner
  4. Ultrasonic injector cleaning: how much does it cost?

Cleaning the injectors is an essential operation to avoid any drop in vehicle performance while also limiting the risk of mechanical problems. There is a revolutionary method for this operation: ultrasonic injector cleaning. This post talks about this fast, efficient and non-polluting process.

1. What does ultrasonic injector cleaning consist of?

Ultrasonic injector cleaning is a method used to renovate injectors using an ultrasonic process. The purpose of this technique is to avoid the replacement of injectors.

A dirty or oxidized injector can lead to difficult engine starting, unstable idling and even over fuelling. Injectors that are in poor condition or fail often lead to engine breakage.

The ultrasonic cleaner is a device that dissolves dirt particles that have settled on the injectors’ surface. It is also used to clean other automotive and other metal parts (such as certain jewelry and industrial parts).

Good to know: Ultrasonic cleaning is a practical, precise and fast solution that removes the most stubborn dirt!

Ultrasonic injector cleaning method

The injectors are placed in a cleaning tank filled with water and a detergent designed for this operation type. The temperature of the bath is about 50°C. The treatment time is between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the part’s level of soiling. At the end of the operation, the injectors are rinsed with water and then dried in the open air.

The ultrasonic system deoxidizes and restores the injectors, which usually results in a nearly new shiny part.

Note: the treatment of the part is done without chemicals that could be dangerous or polluting. It is, therefore, an ecological solution. The liquid also does not contain any oxidizing agent that could alter the part. No risk for the operator!

How an ultrasonic injector cleaner works

The ultrasonic injector cleaner is composed of a generator that produces high-frequency electrical energy and transmits it to the transducer. This energy is transformed into vibrations in the cleaning liquid located in the tank, where the injector is placed.

The waves generated by the ultrasounds lead to compression and decompression phases: a process is known as cavitation.

A multitude of microscopic bubbles form during the decompression phase and implode during the compression phase, like a boiling bubble. These actions then cause the dirt to be loosened, even in the least accessible places. The impurities are eliminated thanks to the pulsations of the micro-currents generated simultaneously.

For ultrasonic injector cleaning to be optimal, the radio frequency must be sufficiently high (at least 40 Hz). The higher the frequency, the more effective the cleaning is, as the bath produces maximum cavitation.

Important: You must operate the ultrasonic cleaner without the presence of persons during the entire bath time. Switch on the unit, and the cleaning process can be carried out entirely independently. Programmable, the unit switches off automatically.

Ultrasonic injector cleaning: how much does it cost?

Most automotive professionals are equipped with an ultrasonic cleaner capable of reconditioning injectors or other metal parts for cars or motorcycles. This service is, in most cases, charged $20.

It is possible to purchase an ultrasonic cleaner at $250 for a 4-litre tank. But depending on the tank capacity, these devices can reach $2,000 for an ultrasonic cleaner with a 38-litre tank, for example.

That’s all you needed to know about ultrasonic injector cleaning. Next time the mechanic recommends this type of cleaning, you’ll know what he is talking about.

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