Car-Vehicles: What Is an Injector Extractor?


    – Injector extractor: seizing conditions

    – What is an injector extractor?

    – Some examples of injector extraction equipment

The new generations of diesel engines had a few surprises in store for professionals during the first maintenance sessions, particularly injector seizing. In the most critical cases, removal of the cylinder head was inevitable. Fortunately, equipment manufacturers reacted quickly by offering injector extractor kits. 

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Injector extractor: Seizure conditions

Seizure of one or more injectors is favoured by various factors, such as the injector’s design itself and external parameters.

Injector design: recalls

In high-pressure direct injection (HDI) diesel engines, the injectors are long and thin to access the cylinder head into the combustion chambers directly.

These injectors are electrically, electromagnetically or magneto-resistively controlled and are therefore very fragile.

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External parameters of seizure

External parameters can also cause the injector to seize, if :

    – The engine at the cylinder head is subjected to extreme temperatures and pressures (800°C in the combustion chamber).

    – Significant water infiltration into the engine compartment is common. For example, it is due to blockage of the water drain hose of the windshield bay or hazardous engine washing. Due to the cylinder head’s configuration, the water remains stored in the cavities of the injector housings. During hot expansion, it infiltrates and causes corrosion that blocks and clogs the injectors.

When disassembling a defective injector, the operation is impossible because of the seizing in the cylinder head. The injector extractor then avoids the very costly process of removing the cylinder head.

What is an injector puller?

Composition of an injector puller

The injector extractor is specific to each engine. That is why brand dealerships were the first to equip themselves with them. This tool comes in the form of an extraction kit made up of specific plates, bushes and rods often dedicated to one particular model.

Injector extraction techniques

Two extraction techniques are possible.

    – Extraction by pressing on the cylinder head: a plate equipped with rods rests on the cylinder head; a threaded rod passes through this plate and is connected to the injector either by its thread or by its body clamped in a specific bushing. Extraction is then carried out by screwing the threaded rod.

    – Extraction by inertia hammer: the fixing on the injector is the same, but the rod receives a cylindrical mass which slides on it; the extraction is ensured by violent shocks of the cylindrical mass in translation, thanks to the inertia due to the weight of this mass.

Some examples of injector extraction equipment

Today, this type of equipment is accessible to all professionals and the general public. The investment is therefore quickly paid off, even for a private individual, from the first use. On average, a cylinder head removal costs $500 and requires 8 to 12 hours of labour, whereas a successful extraction usually takes a maximum of 1 hour.

A universal diesel injector extractor MSW-IE-3H 

It is a specially designed tool for safely extracting diesel injectors without prior de-crushing. The many adapters included in the kit are suitable for most diesel injectors and are especially useful in automotive workshops. However, even self-learners can safely extract diesel injectors without the risk of damage by using this tool.

MSW automotive tooling: a range of safe and durable solutions

This professional tooling kit allows the diesel injectors to be removed safely. The use of tools that have not been specifically designed for this application can quickly lead to damage to the injector or engine and presents a risk of injury to the operator. Use the safest method and spare your nerves with the MSW injector extractor.

Because this toolset contains many parts and adapters, it is compatible with most diesel engines. For example, you can use it to remove injectors from Bosch, Delphi, Denso or Siemens. With this professional kit, you are perfectly equipped to repair the most varied injectors of all sizes.

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