7 Tips to Keeping Your Golf Cart Running

If you want to make it easy for people to get around your resort, theme park, business park or any other large public facility, you’ve probably considered adding a few golf carts to your list of facilities. Golf carts make it simple to get from point A to point B quickly and easily. They’re also straightforward to maintain compared to other forms of transportation, which is a big reason why they’ve become just as popular off the golf course as they are on it. With that being said, these vehicles do still need minor maintenance from time to time to ensure your golf carts are up and running for a long time without you needing to do any major repairs.

The following tips are key to making sure you don’t end up with golf carts out of commission until you can get a technician in, starting with:

Charge Your Batteries When Your Golf Carts Aren’t in Use

The great thing about using electric golf carts is that you won’t have to worry about filling them up with gas; however, you do need to ensure they have enough charge to last through the day. That’s why it’s a good idea to get into the habit of charging your golf carts whenever they’re not in use. Doing this will ensure that you always have access to golf carts when you need them.

Check the Water Levels in Your Batteries Regularly

In addition to charging your golf cart batteries up regularly, you also need to keep a close eye on the water levels in them. The lead plates in your batteries need to be completely submerged to work correctly. If you check the water levels in your batteries and they’re not submerged, you’ll need to add water to bring them back up. To do this, charge your batteries up all the way. Then, add distilled water, not tap water, directly to your batteries until the water levels sit about 1/2 inch above the lead plates in your batteries. Depending on how often you take your golf carts out and use them, you may have to do this every month. Don’t forget to do it or you could encounter severe problems with your batteries.

Clean the Connections in Your Batteries

While you’re checking the water levels in your batteries, go ahead and check the connections within your batteries as well. All the connections should be clean and tight. You shouldn’t have any corrosion or dirt coating the connections within your golf cart batteries. If you do, create a solution using water and baking soda and clean them. It’ll help you maintain proper connections within your batteries so that they charge correctly.

Fill Up Your Tires Whenever They’re Low on Air

Doing maintenance on your batteries is essential. But the batteries aren’t the only parts of golf carts you should be concerned about. You will also want to inspect your tires and check the air pressure in them every week or so. If you notice that the air pressure is low, fill your tires up with air right away.

Inspect Your Brakes At Least Once Every Year

Unless you’re driving your golf cart like an F1 driver, the brakes on golf carts won’t wear out as quickly as the brakes on other vehicles. Nonetheless, you should still make it a point to inspect your brakes at least once every year. Your brake pads, drums, and cables all need to be inspected and potentially even adjusted to keep them working correctly.

Watch Out for Oil Leaks

Have you noticed that your golf cart appears to be leaking oil? It could be the rear differential giving you problems. If you ever see oil on the ground near one of your golf carts, climb underneath it and check to see if there is oil built up on the rear differential. An oil leak could be a sign of trouble. You should have oil leaks looked at right away to avoid sustaining any severe damage to your golf carts.

Take Your Golf Carts in for Professional Service Every 12 Months

No matter how much of an emphasis you put on golf cart maintenance, there are invariably times when you forget to check things properly, or you come across an issue that you are not equipped to handle. Schedule professional service on your golf carts once every 12 months. Having your golf cart serviced by a professional will allow you to address any issues with your golf carts that you might not catch. When appropriately maintained, golf carts won’t need replacing for a long time. You can get more life out of your golf carts by making golf cart maintenance a part of your regular operation.

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