Broken Windshield: Why Should It Be Replaced or Repaired Immediately?

It’s true, a simple scratch on your windshield could be the start of something much more severe! Although the windshield is sometimes pushed into the background, it is essential to ensure the safety of passengers in the car. In case of an accident, a windshield party can face fatal consequences.
Here are some of the dangers involved in driving with a broken windshield.

1) Structure Fragility

Broken automotive glass can seriously affect the stability of the vehicle as a whole. This is because one of the main functions of the windshield is to provide stability to the roof in the event of an accident. In other words, the windshield prevents the roof from sinking into the seats in case of a violent impact, as the top would otherwise exert more force than usual.

2) Reduced Visibility

This is one of the aspects that should be most important to the riders. Depending on where it is broken, from one moment to the next, it can directly affect the driver’s reaction time to unforeseen events that may occur on the road.

3) Reduced Fixation

Although the most critical safety feature when driving is the seat belt, the windshield also functions as a vital safety system for passengers. Proof of this is that windshield tests are also carried out during crash tests. These tests help to check the pressure, stability and impact force. This is done since the risk of injury increases if windshields are damaged in case of accidents.

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4) Ineffective Airbag

The airbag is directly related to the windshield. In most cars, the airbag comes up against the windshield when it is activated. So if the windshield is broken or shattered, the pressure would be different, resulting in the airbag not being activated properly.

5) Malfunction of the Adas System

If you have an ADAS system (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) in your car, broken glass could damage the system and affect its operation.

6) An Offence

The risks of travelling with a broken windshield do not stop there. In addition to the safety and structure of the vehicle, driving with a broken windscreen is considered a severe offence and may result in fines.

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7) Broken Windshield Reduces Wind Resistance

When driving on roads, for example, the speed of the car is much higher than on the streets and alleys in the city and with slightly slower traffic. If you leave the car in these situations with a broken windscreen, the wind resistance is drastically reduced because the windshield, no matter how small the damage, does not do the “work” completely.

It is very dangerous and likely that the windscreen will come off entirely and drive towards you. If you notice this, stop the car on the hard shoulder as soon as possible and call a 24-hour assistance service or your insurance. Depending on the size of the lock, it can be released in a short time, and you can continue your journey normally, with much more safety and without the risk of serious accidents.

8) a Small Risk Can Turn Into a Big Issue

If you don’t pay enough attention to this type of maintenance, the problem can become even worse and cause you to spend much more than you should. For instance, a simple scratch on the glass can become a complete splinter when passing through a hole. This is due to the high probability that the glass will continue to break over time and under vibration. Glass splinters during a night drive directly endanger the safety of all persons in the car.

Were you surprised? We bet that you were not aware that some of these dangers could affect your driving performance. If you need to have your automotive glass repaired or replaced, the creative technicians at Vehglass can manufacture custom automotive glass products based on your specific functional or automotive aesthetic requirements. Contact them for more information!

2 thoughts on “Broken Windshield: Why Should It Be Replaced or Repaired Immediately?”

  1. Wow, I never knew that driving around with a broken windshield could result in a fine or cause an accident on the road. I heard that my friend plans to drive his uncle’s old sedan to visit his girlfriend that lives in a different state. I think it would be a great idea for him to have the windshield repaired if there are signs of damage.

  2. The legal repercussions of a broken windshield do sound quite troublesome to ignore. There’s a slight chip on the one we have on our car right now, and I can see that chip only getting larger and larger if we don’t do anything about it. I’ll avoid any trouble with the law and keep my family safe by looking for a car window replacement expert as soon as possible.

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