Why Install a Car Sunroof

Whether you’re driving in the city or in the country, the road can sometimes seem monotonous and the hot air can become stifling. Installing a sunroof on your vehicle may be the solution to realize your dream of fresh air, wide vision and comfort: a sunroof will allow you to ventilate your vehicle in the summer during hot weather and admire the stars at night on the side of the road if it is panoramic. Let’s take a closer look at this equipment, which can be adapted to all types of cars.

Car sunroof: its characteristics

In all sizes and shapes, the car sunroof is an opening integrated into the vehicle roof above the passenger compartment.

Good to know: some car models are sold with this option.

They come in all sizes: from the smallest, which only provides a light and pleasant draught, to the largest, which offers you a clear view.

The shapes can be chosen at your convenience: sliding, tilting, it can also be retractable. This is a matter of personal preference and choice, but also of common sense: you have to choose according to your vehicle.

Good to know: we recommend that you seek professional advice first. Every vehicle is different and, depending on the size and shape of your roof, you won’t be able to install just any model of the sunroof.

The sunroof offers many advantages, but it’s also well-thought-out enough to spare you the inconvenience that goes with it.

Advantages of the sunroof

For example, sunroofs give you fresh air but are equipped with a windbreak and mosquito netting, so that all passengers are perfectly comfortable during the journey. They also allow you to let in light but are made of tinted glass so that the reverberation is not dangerous for the driver.

Disadvantages of the sunroof

They are linked to the quality of its installation.

Caution: we strongly recommend that you call on a professional to install your sunroof unless you are an experienced handyman. Otherwise, it is better not to try it at home!

Please note that to install the sunroof, the technician in charge must cut the roof of your car.

If the handling is badly done, the inconveniences of the installation are dreadful: leaks on rainy days, constant humidity in the passenger compartment, mold, rust on the bodywork, etc.

Price of the installation of a car sunroof

To have a sunroof installed on your car, you can go to your garage, or ask for information from companies specializing in the installation of car windows. It is not uncommon indeed that to attract the customer, they offer the service.

Good to know: to make your choice, don’t just compare the price of the service. Also, think about the guarantee offered by the installer! A sunroof that is badly installed or malfunctions is a lot of money. It’s best to be careful!

The price varies according to the model chosen and the make. Count between $300 and $650. The installer will have to immobilize your vehicle for 3 to 4 hours to do the work.

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