Basic Car Repair and Maintenance For First Time Owners

First time car owners often don’t know the basics of vehicle repair and maintenance. While some enthusiasts have a passion for auto maintenance, others have never even opened a car’s hood. In this article, we’ll try to roll up the garage door to reveal the ways in which the average driver can handle basic maintenance and repair of their vehicle.

Know the Basic Car Terms

From the Anti-Lock Brake System and Alignment to Brakes and Catalytic Converter, every driver should be familiar or at least know something about all these vehicle parts that are essential to the good functioning of your car. Look for these car terms on the internet for more information about tire pressure, suspension or torque.

Understand Car Specifications

Do you know the reasons of the various nomenclature behind the names of certain cars. For instance, do you know why the Ford Taurus SES is named with all these other sub-names? Well, this is basic vehicle classification to denote the Make, Model and Type. Here the make is Ford, the model is Taurus and type is SES. The model variations usually indicate which features each variant includes.

Essential Car Gear

All drivers must have a few essential things in the car for unexpected issues like breakdowns or inclement weather. From the owner’s manual and spare tire to jumper cables, tow rope and fire extinguisher, first time car owners should know the whole list of essential gear that should be in the vehicle to help in case of issues. Even a first-aid kit and manual is important for any type of problems.

Prevent or Fix Common Car Issues

Like any piece of equipment, a car requires periodic maintenance and repairs. While professional help is always a good idea for car maintenance, many of these tasks can be handled by the car owner. Some these tasks include checking the fluids and car parts. Ensure you know how to monitor brake fluid, power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid and windshield washer fluid. Be it filters, battery or spark plugs, these parts can easily be checked by the owner.

Don’t Dismiss the Car Mechanic

Even if you know the basic car repair and maintenance, don’t ever dismiss the importance of having a trained mechanic for other issues. Some jobs are either critical for safe operation or present a safety challenge for the mechanic and are thus better left to the professionals.

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