Why Buy a Hybrid Car?

Hybrid cars are more popular and more common nowadays. A hybrid car is a car that uses two or more engines, that is an electronic and a conventional engine that runs on either petrol or diesel. The combustion engine charges the car’s batteries and the electric motor usually kicks in when extra power is needed, such as during acceleration. The automotive industry is changing with new and innovative ideas about the future of cars. The emphasis is put on manufacturing and selling more hybrid cars by 2030. Companies like Toyota, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, and more are some of the makes and models of cars giants that have adopted the hybrid innovation.

Are you planning to buy a hybrid car? Then here are some reasons you need to know!

  • Reduced fuel costs – Hybrid and electric cars use less or even no petrol or diesel at all, thus cutting your running costs. In terms of electric, a full charge from empty to full costs less than a pound, making it a cost-saving car.
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions – Hybrid vehicles are cleaner to run than conventional cars. Hybrids are up to 80% cleaner than gas engines. Even with the newest models introduced, it offers a zero-emission mode for short distances.
  • Instant torque – Electric motors deliver their maximum torque rating instantly, this means there is no waiting time for the motor to spool, a characteristic that matches the hybrid car to the normal ones.
  • No idling – There’s no more burning fuel while stuck in traffic. Hybrid and electric cars switch off the engine when you are sitting in traffic or at a red light. The power from the battery is used to keep the radio and air conditioning on.
  • City driving – Hybrid cars are usually great for city driving as they are efficient when there are regular stopping and starting.
  • Low gas prices – With the advent of hybrid cars, there is a surge in the market to buy hybrid cars as compared to the normal ones, thus making the gas price fall.
  • Maintenance costs – Hybrid cars are easier to maintain and they end up costing around 30% less in maintenance expenses. Coupled with that fuel efficiency make it an overall better value car to run than it’s conventional competitors.
  • Improved technology – The automotive industry is now innovating constantly to make hybrid cars more user-friendly and eco-friendly as an effort to work on the performance of the hybrid car.
  • Higher resale value – Hybrid cars are popular in demand. It is now an expensive but high-quality car to have. Reselling to a much higher price is not forbidden though!

So when are you buying your car?

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