What Is Green Car?

A green car, vehicle or clean vehicle or eco-friendly vehicle is a motor vehicle that produces less harmful impacts on the environment as compared to the normal ones. Green vehicles are powered by alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies, including hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and more. Some of these vehicles use blends of bio-diesel and ethanol fuel or gasohol.

Are These Cars Energy Efficient?

As we already know that a green car produces less CO2 emissions as possible and most car-makers have put that as their first priority while manufacturing and selling cars. These cars are more energy-efficient as compared to the older ones. With the use of bio-fuel as the primary substitute for fossil fuel and the secondary substitute being the electric automobile, these cars are energy-efficient such as the regenerative braking. Along with bio-fueled cars, there is also the growth of solar cars that are being developed. These cars are potentially and highly efficient even if they are not functional for everyday use. Solar cars are impacted by the weather and the night-time, and also solar panels are fragile.

Are Green Cars the Answer to the Future of Cars?

Automotive companies have it their aim to sell as much green vehicle as possible in order to contribute to climate change. Every company aims to show what type of vehicle would suit the ideal customer. It is believed that by 2030, more people would travel by electric cars; also by this year, Copenhagen is expected to have no diesel cars. Green cars are indeed the answer to the future of cars as most cars makers are now turning to make hybrid cars that run on electricity and gasoline. Even if the electric cars can travel to around a hundred miles, there is still a surge in the market of automotive. From cars to SUVs, all makes and models are now either green or Hybrid. However, the biggest disappointment with the energy-efficient vehicles is the cost.

What to Do If You Are on a Budget?

If you are on a budget, then turning your existing car into a Hybrid is a solution out of many. You can start by maintaining good tire pressure. Normally when your tire pressure is low, there is more friction between the tires and the road, making your car lose more propulsion energy. You can also switch to the reusable air filter, cutting the costs down in the long run. A routine oil check and change can keep your engine in a much better state than before.

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