Vintage or classic car is a labour of love

Far from being a vehicle for daily use, driving a classic or vintage car is a trip down memory lane to experience the golden age of motoring. However, owning a vintage vehicle comes with a lot of responsibilities, including regular repair, maintenance and choosing the right insurance.

Do your research

Before buying a classic car, do a thorough research about the vehicle you want to buy. Although owning one is more a matter of the heart, you still have to make practical decisions so that you don’t end up with a rust bucket on wheels. Go through local automobile magazines and classic car websites to know if there is a vintage car club in the region. If there are such clubs, there is a good chance of spare parts availability for the model you want to buy. Have the vehicle checked by a professional and stick to your budget.

Where to keep it?

You can’t invest in a vintage car and leave it outside unprotected. Before buying, you have to arrange for a garage or car port. A secure spot to keep your pride and joy is in itself a great act of love. However, if it has to be left outside, invest in a breathable, waterproof car cover. And ensure it is regularly cleaned and waxed to protect against rust.

DIY maintenance you should know

Since all types of vehicles need regular maintenance, for classic car it’s more than vital. Here are some classic car DIY essentials you can perform without professional help:

• Check the tyres for damage, tread depth and the correct pressure
• Check the coolant level regularly as it should be as low as -25 centigrade
• Ensure all lights are operational including indicators and plate bulb
• Check the dipstick regularly and keep the oil topped up
• For the battery it is essential to regularly check the acid and water levels
• Inspect hoses from the underside of your vehicle for signs of splitting, bulging, perishing and other external damage
• Ensure your wiper blades and washers are properly functioning

Vintage car experts

Atleast once a month, you should bring your car to a vintage specialist for an all-round inspection. Asking the help of a qualified and experienced classic car mechanic will save you time and money in the long run. From preventative maintenance to engine repair, the classic car specialist is of enormous help.

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