How to Use an Axial Ball Joint Extractor


  • Understanding the Axial Ball Joint Extractor
  • Where to Buy the Perfect Axial Ball Joint Extractor
  • Practical Tips for Effortless Use of the Axial Ball Joint Extractor

The axial ball joint extractor is a must-have tool in the realm of automotive repair, allowing you to effortlessly remove or install the axial ball joint on your vehicle’s steering bar. This powerful tool was once exclusively reserved for professionals but has now become readily available for all, making it an essential addition to any DIY toolkit.

Understanding the Axial Ball Joint Extractor

Let’s first understand what an axial ball joint is. This spherical articulated joint serves as a “ball-and-socket” connection, providing rotational freedom of movement to compensate for suspension movements relative to the wheel. It is a vital component of the steering tie-rod, screwed into the steering rod. Due to its circular shape, you need a specialized tool to loosen or tighten it without causing any damage. Enter the axial ball joint extractor.

Description of the Axial Ball Joint Extractor

The axial ball joint extractor comprises a long tube that allows easy access to the steering tie-rod, granting you control over the axial ball joint. You’ll find a hexagonal recess at one end of the tool to accommodate a clamping sleeve.

The opposite end of the tool encloses the ball joint’s circular housing and comes equipped with a locking system that enables smooth screwing in or out. This ingenious locking system typically consists of three rollers with helical raceways that tighten toward the center. As you rotate the tool, the rollers automatically lock onto the axial ball joint, facilitating easy removal or installation. An inverter ensures locking in both directions of rotation, offering unmatched convenience.

Where to Buy the Perfect Axial Ball Joint Extractor

Gone are the days when this valuable tool was accessible only to professionals from car dealerships. Today, you can find the axial ball joint extractor in various retail outlets, making it easily accessible to all:

Local Car Centers

Prices for axial ball joint extractors vary depending on the supplier and the equipment’s quality. You’ll find the most budget-friendly options on car sites and centers, while the best professional-quality tools often come from renowned brands like Facom, Ks Tools, and Stahlwille, available at car dealerships. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, you can choose a product that fits your needs and budget, ranging from $30 to $150.

Practical Tips for Effortless Use of the Axial Ball Joint Extractor

When selecting an axial ball joint extractor, consider the different diameters available, typically ranging from 28 to 35 mm and 35 to 45 mm.

Always pay close attention to the ball joint’s safety features, such as the lock washer. Ensure it is tightened to the prescribed torque (4 to 6 DaN.m), and apply a low-strength thread locker (blue colour) on the thread before locking it with the washer.

Regularly check the ball joint protection bellows, and replace it if necessary, to maintain the longevity of your vehicle’s steering system.

Remember, any replacement of an axial steering ball joint requires a parallelism adjustment to ensure optimal performance and safety.

The axial ball joint extractor is an indispensable tool for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike. By understanding the importance of the axial ball joint and how this tool efficiently removes and installs it without causing damage, you can confidently tackle steering system repairs or maintenance. With a wide range of available options, you can easily find the right axial ball joint extractor to suit your needs and budget.

Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a passionate DIYer, having this tool in your arsenal will undoubtedly save you time and effort. Just remember to follow the practical tips for use, check the quality of the equipment, and ensure proper torque and safety measures when dealing with the ball joint. Happy automotive repairs!

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