What To Do When The Vehicle Inspection Has Rejected Your Vehicle In France

Every vehicle owner is required to have a vehicle inspection according to the dates indicated on the car’s papers. However, once on site, the officers responsible for the vehicle inspection may reject the vehicle for a number of reasons. This means that the driver is referred to a new inspection appointment. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about your car.

Going to a garage


Often the reasons for rejecting a vehicle by the vehicle inspection are stated on the vehicle inspection certificate. The driver should go to his garage as soon as possible to check this. In the control centres, the officers may point out some irregularities. There is no question of limiting yourself to this. Go to a professional garage. 

Once you get in touch with your garage or other repair facilities, ask for a full inspection. Ask the craftsman in charge of the job to start with the most common reasons, such as:

  • The condition of the vehicle’s brakes 
  • Lack of lighting 
  • Wear and tear the tyres.

Technical control officers do not limit their inspection to only the papers presented. They even touch the materials. So don’t limit yourself to the brake pads. Also, check the hydraulic system. You can also take the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning, as this always inspires more confidence.

Check the vehicle documents.

Even if this recommendation is not mentioned in the conditions for the inspection of your vehicle, it is up to you to anticipate this. Check whether the various documents on board the car in question are in order, as the officials at the technical inspection centre do this rigorously.

Whether it’s your driving licence or the documents that need to be on board your vehicle, they must be up to date. Simply ensuring that these documents are in order and valid will allow you to be perfectly prepared for the second inspection. You should also make sure that any repairs or defects have been rectified. The documents in question here are

  • The registration certificate 
  • Certificate of conformity 
  • The technical file 
  • Vehicle inspection certificate.

What are the reasons for the vehicle inspection to reject your vehicle?

It is important to have your vehicle inspected before you travel, as this will reduce a lot of damage. The most tangible damage is smoke pollution. If you refuse to pass the test because of the price of a roadworthiness test, you will be stopped en route. The reasons for rejecting a vehicle at the vehicle inspection are enormous.

The age of the vehicle

When your vehicle is old, it is up to you to maintain it well, because the older it gets, the more polluting emissions it will emit into the environment. So pay close attention to this every year of its existence.

Poor maintenance

As mentioned above, poor maintenance of a vehicle can be the basis for eligibility for a vehicle inspection. Failure to maintain a car will cause it to emit more pollutants.

Vehicle identification

When vehicle identification is not possible, this immediately leads to a counter-inspection. This is one of the major failures of vehicle rejection. It is essentially a question of the absence of a number plate or its deterioration invalidating the technical inspection.

Anomalies in the braking system and steering


If your vehicle’s handbrake or service brake is defective, your application will be rejected. The same applies to the steering system, such as the deterioration of the steering rack.

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