Pet Cab Requirements

A pet cab is a service provider that allows you to move your pet from one place to another. Because of its functions, it can lighten your workload and take your dog/cat to the vet for you. But, to practice as a pet cab, you will necessarily have to meet certain specific conditions. To do this, this article lists some of the essential elements you need to meet to become a pet cab driver.


As with other professions, you must undergo specific training before becoming an animal cab driver. You can take courses at schools like GTAAF. In these establishments, you will receive basic notions about the transportation of live animals for a few days. In addition to the theoretical phase, you will also participate in practical sessions to learn the different manipulations to do with the animals to be transported. At the end of this process, you will obtain your certificate of professional competence, allowing you to transport animals.

In addition to this process, you can also follow the training courses of the centers approved by the DDPP (Direction Départementale de la Protection des Populations). In this case, you will have to do a refresher course every 5 years to master all the standards related to the profession. Once the first training is completed, you will have to send a request file to the DDSCPP (Direction Départementale de la Cohésion Sociale et de la Protection des Populations). This file will allow you to obtain a valid transport authorization for domestic animals. Then, when you complete the courses and get the appropriate certificates, you are officially registered as an animal cab.

Use an Appropriate Vehicle for the Occasion

Working as a pet cab driver is not enough to undergo proper training or obtain a license. In addition to these elements, it is essential to have an excellent vehicle to practice the profession. If the car you use is inappropriate, you are putting animals at risk and jeopardizing your career. You would be better off using minivans or vans as a pet cab. Generally, these types of vehicles have large bodies and are taller. As a result, the animals will have considerable space and be able to relax better during the transport.

Apart from the vehicle’s shape, it is also necessary to have an access ramp, air conditioning, and a working heater. The ramp will make it easier for the animals to get off, but the last two elements will optimize their comfort. When your vehicle is equipped with all these materials, you can practice the profession of an animal cab with complete peace of mind. It is also recommended that the animal cab car be designed with a grill that separates the driver from the animals. Although the animals are locked in a cage, this precaution is necessary to prevent the animals from escaping in case the cage fails.

Develop Certain Skills

Although it is considered easy, the job of an animal cab driver requires the use of certain qualities. The more these qualities are present in you, the better you will be able to excel in the profession. So, first of all, you will need to be a zoophile. By being a zoophile, you show excessive love for animals and will be willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure their protection during transport. Next, you will need to learn to be cautious. This skill can help you make fewer driving mistakes and take every precaution to keep the animals safe.

Apart from these elements, you need to be brave enough. Some animals show aggression towards strangers. So, you need the courage to approach and tame these animals. You will also need to learn how to be courteous. This quality will help you maintain good relations with your recruiters and animal owners. When you have these few qualities, it would be easier to transport all types of animals and excel effectively in the pet cab profession.

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