Car Garage: What Are The Services Offered?

A car repair shop, also known as a “garage”, is a structure that deals with the routine maintenance and repair of cars. These repairs are mainly mechanical and bodywork, often combined with other services. What services can you find in a car garage?

Maintenance of mechanical systems


Brakes are essential parts of a car. Their role is to stop the car and keep it immobile. In this category of work, we note oil changes, various adjustments, replacement of wearing parts, and often brake parts. In addition to all this, engine tests; are the change of parts that no longer respond to the engine. Garages also offer engine reconditioning work for older vehicles.

At the engine level, the oil level inspection must be carried out. The oil level should be neither too high nor too low. Taking a look at the brake oil and coolant level is essential for a car. Other fluids should also be checked. Contact a professional garage for an efficient revision of a vehicle, especially before a long trip.

Indeed, among the services of a car garage, the vehicle’s maintenance and oil change are a great classic. It is very useful to proceed to a complete revision of your sedan, especially before making a long trip. In addition to engine checks, garages also offer tire inspections. At this level, the garage checks for wear on the sidewalls and grooves and the pressure in the tires.

Maintenance of electrical systems

In addition to the maintenance of mechanical systems, we must add the maintenance of the electrical circuits and systems. For this purpose, the auto repair shop offers services of checking the electrical parts, fuses, power system, and installation or replacement of devices. These repairs and maintenance works can also be extended to other parts of the car.

The various lights on the dashboard should also be inspected. In general, you should be able to master the meaning of each light. You can therefore call in a garage to do the check-in of your electrical system. If you own a Citroën, contact a specialized garage that specializes in Citroën vehicle repairs. To satisfy your electrical worries, it offers you a qualified professional.

Bodywork maintenance and painting


The above-mentioned services are frequently associated with bodywork repairs and painting. Thus the garage owner can do dent removal work following shocks or accidents that deform the bodywork. Filling and sanding are often carried out after welding work on the visible parts of the bodywork. To refurbish the vehicle, the garage offers car painting services in order to harmonize the coating.

Regular vehicle maintenance

In order to limit breakdowns, regular checks of certain elements are essential. For example, for the windshield, lights, and windshield wipers, internal and external checks are necessary. For the engine, you should check the oil level. It should be between the minimum and maximum levels. The brake oil and coolant, as well as the windshield washer fluid, must also be checked. Their level should preferably be near the maximum.

A check of the tire level is also necessary. The first point to consider is the wear indicators. They are located in the grooves of the tires. The condition of the sidewalls is the next element to check. It guarantees the safety of the passengers and the driver. In order not to increase your fuel consumption, be sure to check your tire pressure.

The various lights on the dashboard should also be inspected. There is the light to measure the engine oil pressure, the light that indicates an injection, ignition, or pollution control fault, and the light that warns of the brake fluid level or the wear of the brake pads. In general, the driver should be able to tell what each light means. Cleaning is also part of regular car maintenance.

Other services


Some garages offer roadside assistance services. You need to be towed in case of an accident or mechanical breakdown. Thus, they present you with their services in towing and car assistance. Other workshops offer service stations for the supply of fuel. In this case, they are affiliated with the marketing networks of oil companies.

It is also worthwhile to seek the services of a car garage before the technical inspection. This allows you to check all the control points and even more.

In short, the services offered by car garages are numerous and varied. These services allow to guarantee optimal maintenance and functioning state to a vehicle. Thus, the main goal is to check all the essential elements for the safety of the motorist.

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