Self-Propelled Aerial Work Platform: What License Is Required To Drive It?

Aerial work platforms are the most used among all the existing lifting machines, especially by individuals. They are most often used for work at height, such as facade restoration, pruning, cleaning windows, or roof renovation. They allow you to work in complete safety and save a lot of time. Indeed, the aerial work platforms have a platform that can be manipulated in all directions thanks to their articulated arm.

Some models even have the capacity to lift several objects and heavier loads. This is not the case if you use a ladder. However, the driving of this machine is more or less specific. That is why it should only be driven by a well-trained person who has the necessary skills. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about licenses.

Do I need a specific driving license to drive a cherry picker?



Aerial work platforms that have an articulated arm have a long reach. There are some that can reach up to 57 m in height. In addition, they can reach places that are difficult to access, such as in the case of a pruning operation. This is why their handling is more or less complicated and requires a lot of experience.

And although there are currently many companies that offer the rental of lifting equipment, making them more accessible to individuals, the rental includes the services of a driver. Indeed, aerial work platforms can only be driven by a trained person who has obtained the authorization of the company that offers the rental.

The driver has undergone training, at the end of which the company will issue a CACES certificate. This certificate is only valid in the company that issued it and must be renewed every five years. Therefore, if the driver changes employer, he must follow a new training in order to obtain a CACES specific to this company.

Therefore, if you rent a boom lift, do not forget to check that the driver really has a driving authorization certificate. Moreover, you should know that there are three categories of CACES. Category A is reserved for driving vertical aerial work platforms. Category B is for multidirectional aerial work platforms, and category C is for loading machines.

How to rent a boom lift?


Currently, many individuals rent lifting equipment such as aerial work platforms for their projects. It can be for construction, renovation, cleaning, or gardening, especially since these types of machines can be used both indoors and outdoors. Indeed, the electric models are silent and are specially designed for indoor work. However, whatever your project, ask yourself the right questions before you start.

Start by asking your insurance company or an agency that specializes in equipment insurance to find out which coverage is most suitable and affordable. The type of terrain to be worked on is an important criterion in choosing the right model. There are several types of aerial work platforms. There are some with tires and articulated arms, so they can be driven on the road. This is a considerable advantage, as it is not necessary to rent a carrier car.

The platforms are available in several models allowing you to choose according to the type of terrain. There are some that are more adapted to sloping terrains, such as the crawler platforms. On the other hand, choose the models with four wheels if it is muddy. You should also consider access to the site. Are there any obstacles such as electrical wires, large trees, etc.?

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