Ideas To Make Your Classic Car Irresistible

Car manufacturers are constantly coming up with new car models with impeccable and fascinating designs to convince you to buy one. But sometimes, you are not ready to part with your old car even if you want to drive a vehicle with more aesthetics. Don’t worry, because there are ways to make it more beautiful by investing in parts to personalize it. Here are some ideas to make it unique. You don’t have to combine all of them, or you’ll drown out the exterior view.

Adding Chrome Details

While a full-body chrome paint job is innovative, it can also be applied to a few parts of your car. Parts that you can change to chrome include the taillight surrounds, door handles, air deflectors, front bumper, stripes, exhaust, and mirrors.

Car Stickers

Car stickers are rarely used, but they allow you to show your personality through your car. For example, you can put a slogan that inspired you, your favorite brand’s logo, a picture of a fictional character that made an impression on you, your lucky number, etc.

Highlight The Rims

Most vintage cars have original sheet metal rims. If you want to keep them, you can cover them with a hubcap to embellish your wheels. You can also invest in aluminum rims. If you’re thinking of buying used wheels, it’s best to hire an expert powder coating team to make them look like new. Before starting the actual powder coating work, the rim surfaces should be stripped of any impurities. You can also opt for sandblasting services for a better finish. This technique cleans the surface with a high-speed abrasive. After cleaning, they are powder coated and then baked in an oven at 200° C.

Tinted Windows

You can tint the rear side windows. You can choose any color with any level of transparency as long as you can see inside from the driver’s seat and you have two side mirrors with a maximum 15° reflection. There are two techniques for tinting your windows: coating, which consists of removing them from your car to apply the paint and applying the film directly to the windows.

Change The Low Beam Lights

Ditch the original headlights and opt for crystal globes for a modern design. You can choose between the “angel eyes” and “devil eyes” effect according to your desires. For a better result, change your classic bulbs by LED or xenon to imitate recent cars. In addition, you can dress up the edges with a red, green, blue, yellow, or white LED strip according to your taste.

New Body Paint

When choosing a new paint job, opt for the original colors of other car brands than yours. You can also have it painted with a matte finish for a more aggressive yet stylish effect. Among other things, coating your body in two tones is not a bad idea. You can combine, for example, white (as a dominant color) and red or a light gray background with blue patterns.

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