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How to Install Auto Body Kit


 – Body kit: a special tuning kit

 – Replacing the grille: using a body kit

 – Body kit: replacing the bumper

 – Installing a spoiler with the body kit: instructions for use

 – Replacing the rocker panel: 2 types of fixation


The passion for tuning implies investing in disassembling and installing many parts (interior or exterior). Manufacturers offer the body kit to transform the bodywork, and this post will tell you how to replace a grille, bumper, and rocker panel. 

 Body kit: a special tuning kit

 The body kit is a set of tuning parts designed to customise the body of the car. It mainly concerns the following elements:

 – grille;

 – front bumper;

 – rear bumper.

 Some body kits also include:

 – a spoiler;

 – a rocker panel;

 – fender flares, etc.

 Please note! The body kit must be declared to your car insurer, and you must obtain authorisation from the road development authorities.

 Replacing the grille: use a body kit

 The grille is located at the front of the vehicle; it is intended to protect the radiator and let the air pass through. It is also an ornamental element that is part of the tuning parts often replaced.

 Follow these steps to replace the grille:





 – Remove the plastic cover above the grille;

 – Remove the screws located between the bumper and the engine housing;

 – Remove all the fastening screws of the shield;

 – Unclip the grille by pushing the retaining tabs.


 – Position the new grille;

 – clip the tabs onto the provided slots;

 – Mount the shield with the fixing screws.

 Body kit: replace the shield

Auto Body Kit

 The bumper is the part under the front and rear bumpers of the car. Most often, it is made of synthetic material.

 To replace a bumper, here are the different steps to follow:




 Dismantle wheels and mudguards

You can easily do this with a pair of screwdrivers.

 Removal of the original shield

 – Remove the 2 lateral and interior fixing screws;

 – Disconnect the possible connectors;

 – Remove the 3 fixing screws located on the upper part of the shield;

 – Remove the shield by pulling it forward.

 Installation of the tuning shield

 – Position the shield taking care to adjust it well at the level of the headlights and the fog lights;

 – Drill the holding lugs on the side parts and the upper part of the shield;

 – fix the crossbar with screws;

 – reassemble wheels and mudguards.

 Installing a spoiler with the body kit: instructions

 The spoiler is a body part fixed on the rear part of the vehicle and intended to improve the aerodynamics. There are two solutions for installing a spoiler on the rear of a car:




 Fixing with glue

– Clean the surfaces to be glued with body degreaser;

– inject the glue around the edge of the spoiler at about 2 cm from the edge and in the centre of the part;

– position the spoiler on the tailgate;

– Apply the spoiler firmly and hold it in place with body tape;

Let it dry for about 12 hours before removing the tape.

 Screw Mounting

 This is done at both ends of the fin as follows:

 – insert the centre pin into the thread of the fin;

 – Position each end of the spoiler on each side of the tailgate;

 – adjust the drilling guide and hold it with body tape;

 – Remove the spoiler leaving the drill guide in place;

 – Drill a 2 mm hole in the centre of the drill guide, through the body;

 – remove the drill guide and enlarge the body hole by drilling with an 8 mm drill bit;

 – insert the screw in the thread of the spoiler;

 – fix the assembly with bolt and washer;

– Proceed in the same way for the other end of the spoiler.

 Replacement of the rocker panel: 2 types of fixing

 The rocker panel is a body part located on each side of the vehicle, under the doors. It protects the lateral part of the chassis.

 You can fix it with:

 – rivets;

 – windshield glue.

Not everybody is good at replacing a rocker panel or doing other auto body repairs. If you are looking for some trusted professionals on the market, Higgins Panel Beating in Bulleen is the place where you should get your car fixed. And, remember to share your experience in the comments below.

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