Paint and Bodywork: How to Use a Paint Touch-up Pen

Paint and Bodywork: How to Use a Paint Touch-up Pen


 – When to use a paint touch-up pen?

 – What are the advantages of a paint touch-up pen?

 – How to use a paint touch-up pen?

 – Where to find a paint touch-up pen and at what price?

 If you notice slight scratches on your car’s bodywork, you can use a paint touch-up pen. This solution will save you body shop fees and ensure a quality job. Here is a guide to the paint touch-up pen.

 When should I use a paint touch-up pen?

 The touch-up pen is to be used on the bodywork in case of:

 – light or shallow scratches;

 – impacts of gravel.

 In addition to its aesthetic role, the application of a paint touch-up pen will prevent your bodywork from rusting. This is why it is highly recommended to react as soon as possible to avoid damage to your bodywork without rust protection.

 Good to know: for an impeccable result, it is essential to follow the instructions for use.

 What are the advantages of a paint touch-up pen?

 The paint touch-up pen comes in a bottle containing a few millilitres of car paint. It has an applicator at one end to cover the surface of the bodywork to be touched up. This pen is only suitable for the automotive sector and has the following advantages

 – Convenient: it avoids major body painting work.

 – Easy to use: no additional material is necessary.

 – Efficient: it gives a surprising result.

 – Fast-drying: only a few hours after application.

 – Weather and UV resistance.

 – High covering power: a single application allows for a decent paint touch-up. In some cases, however, several applications may be necessary.

 – Economical to purchase.

 Good to know: the paint touch-up pen is available in the original colour of the car manufacturer.

 How do I use a paint touch-up pen?

Paint and Bodywork: How to Use a Paint Touch-up Pen

 The procedure to erase a scratch or reduce the impact on the bodywork of your vehicle is as follows:

 – Clean the area to be touched up with White Spirit.

 – Wipe the surface to be painted with a clean, soft but lint-free cloth.

 – Shake the paint touch-up pen vigorously for one to two minutes.

 – Remove the cap from the bottle to reveal the built-in brush.

 – Place a few drops of car paint on the impact or scratch and spread the product evenly with the fine brush, being as precise as possible.

 – Let the paint dry.

 – If necessary, repeat the operation one or more times for optimum coverage.

It is recommended to apply varnish on the surfaces to be treated to make the retouching practically invisible. When the varnish is perfectly dry, all that remains is to polish the whole with a soft cloth.

 It is good to know that it is possible to accelerate the drying process using a hairdryer or a heat gun.

 Where can I find a paint touch-up pen, and at what price?

 The paint touch-up pen is available:

 – at auto centres,

 – at your car dealer,

 – on e-commerce websites specialised in car accessories.

 Before buying a paint touch-up pen, it is essential to know the vehicle’s colour reference. The price of a paint touch-up pen varies between $2 and $15.

 It is possible to buy a car paint kit that includes a paint touch-up pen and a varnish.

 The price of this car paint touch-up kit is between $15 and $40.

 Good to know: there are scratch removal pens adapted to all vehicle colours for a price of $15 to $20. These products are only effective on shallow scratches.

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