Tinted Film for Your Car: A Real Improvement in Your Comfort

Tinted Film for Your Car: A Real Improvement in Your Comfort

The true ally of your driving and a complete solution that addresses several issues when you are on the road is undeniably the solar tinted film on the windows of your car.

The tinted films have the particularity to answer many problems:

Rejects heat

The composition of the tinted film allows the solar energy to be rejected up to 64% on contact. Thus, the heat no longer penetrates the passenger compartment because the tinted film prevents it from settling there. An optimal rejection of solar energy will considerably reduce the heat in the interior of your car: the solar film is an effective heat shield! This heat reduction will also allow you to reduce your consumption because you will have less recourse to your air conditioning.

Protects from prying eyes

Thanks to tinted films, you can protect the interior of your vehicle (passengers and goods) from prying eyes. Your car journeys and your parking lots will be more peaceful!

Prevents fading

The tinted solar film is a real anti-UV barrier by stopping them up to 99%. The UVA and UVB rays responsible for sunburn and severe skin disorders will no longer disturb your passengers, the most fragile as well as the youngest. In addition, they also delay the phenomenon of discoloration that can damage plastics or seats.

Reduces glare

The sun during the day or car headlights at night can sometimes dazzle us and affect our concentration: tinted films reduce this dazzling phenomenon to offer more comfort during driving but also for the passengers.

Delays break-ins

The installation of tinted films on your car windows allows you to reinforce your windows and fight against the risks of vandalism to which we are exposed every day. A tinted security film, 100 microns thick, will create a reinforced protective membrane.

Improves aesthetics

Thanks to the superior quality of VISION WINDOW TINT ETC tinted films, you can take advantage of them to give your vehicle a sporty and trendy look, depending on the tint you like.

Are tinted films authorized?

As a reminder, the law regarding tinted windows released in 2017 does not prohibit the application of tinted films on your car, but it does bring a framework in its use.

The legislation on tinted windows allows you to:

    – Apply an auto film to the front of the vehicle as long as it allows 70% of the light to pass through.

    – Apply a tinted film on the rear windows (including the side windows and the rear window) without any limit.

Tinted films tailored to your car: how does it work? 

Tinted windows offer a more intimate feel. To protect yourself from the sun, you can choose between tinted windows, sunshades or sunbands.

Tinted glass: tinted window films

Window films are a less expensive alternative for existing windows.

Tinted films are products that can adapt to all car windows to tint them.

You can choose between several colours: chrome-smoked, light-medium or dark, blue, yellow, red, etc.

The tinted films are cut about the surface of the glass concerned to adapt to its shape.

Tinted glass: windshield and front side windows prohibited

 The windshield and front side windows must have sufficient transparency, both from the inside and the outside of the vehicle. In addition, they must not cause any noticeable distortion of the objects seen through the window, nor any change in their colour.

The minimum transparency rate is 70%. Any operation that may reduce the safety characteristics or transparency of the windows, such as installing a solar film, is prohibited.

Failure to comply with the rules on window transparency constitutes a 4th class fine (punishable by a fine of 135 euros and a loss of 3 points on the driving license).

Warning: it is forbidden to tint the windshield of your car. Only the side windows and the rear window can receive a tinted film.

Tinted car window: who to contact?

Specialists in the installation of tinted glass or your dealer are at your disposal to perform this operation.

They will bring you their professionalism and will offer you:

– products that comply with the Highway Code;

– a high-quality glass treatment.

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