Why Would You Want to Increase Engine Power?


– Increasing engine power: why?

– Modifying engine power: precautions to be taken

– Have your engine power increased by a professional


Increasing engine power is the buried desire of many motorists. But faced with the complexity of the law on the subject and the number of forms to fill out, few car owners would dare take the plunge. Yet, carried out by a professional in a legal framework, the manipulation is inexpensive, and the results are surprising.

Increasing engine power: why?


Increasing the power of your engine means customizing its mode of operation to optimize its potential. This procedure can only be done by a professional. The latter will conduct a brief analysis of the driver’s driving habits and the vehicle’s reactions to modify some settings or add a part.

The benefits

When the vehicle leaves the garage, engine performance is increased:

– The car’s power can increase by up to 30%.

– Fuel consumption drops by 15%.

– The engine is no longer restrained; driving becomes smooth and pleasant.

Increasing engine power: precautions to take

The practice of increasing the power of one’s engine is a legal and supervised action. It must imperatively be carried out by a professional. The latter generally has the manufacturer’s rights to modify the operating mode of your engine.

Every vehicle on the public highway must meet strict standards dictated by law

– An unframed modification can lead to a refusal of the technical inspection and a withdrawal of the vehicle’s road approval.

– In the event of an accident, the damage will not be covered by your insurance, and the manufacturer will carry out the withdrawal of its guarantees.

Have your engine power increased by a professional

Additional box and electronic chip

The add-on box or chip is a small electronic part that fits under your hood. Their function is to trick your vehicle’s sensors to send their own information to the engine. In this way, they modify the parameters of your vehicle at the heart of the system.

They can be removed or added as you wish and do not change the electronic architecture of your vehicle in the long term. Prices range from $100 to $1,000. The installation of these tools must be validated by the prefecture and indicated on the vehicle registration document.

Good to know: adding a chip or an additional box is not trivial. You need to contact your local authority to update your car registration document. Any operation judged dangerous on your engine will see the withdrawal of the road homologation of your vehicle.

Engine reprogramming

According to your habits and needs, a professional who has rights granted by the manufacturer of your vehicle will reprogram the operation of your engine with the help of a computer.

This operation will make your engine more powerful and result in a 15% reduction in fuel consumption. Its cost varies between $600 and $800.

Since it is governed by the manufacturer’s directives and traffic standards, engine reprogramming done by a professional does not have to be declared to the local authorities. But this may vary depending on which state you live in. Please check with your local town hall for more information.

This post has explained why would you increase your engine power. Should you wish to read on something more specific, please do not hesitate to jot down your comments in the section below and request a car topic of your choice. We will get back to you at the earliest!

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