5 Easy Steps to Change Your Car Mirror


– Step 1: Remove the covers from the mirror to be replaced.

– Step 2: Disconnect the mirror connector

– Step 3: Remove the broken mirror

– Step 4: Place the new mirror

– Step 5: Check the mirror for proper operation

– Special case: change only the rear-view mirror glass

Mirror vandalized in the street, torn off along a wall or a gate, broken or cracked mirror: mirrors are parts that are subjected to a lot of stress on your car. However, they are essential for good visibility and must be in good condition to pass the car technical inspection.

Changing a rear-view mirror or its mirror is a simple operation. Here are the steps to replace your outside mirrors.

1. Remove the covers of the mirror to be replaced.

Before you start, get the technical review of the vehicle. It will give you the meaning of disassembling the plastic hubcaps so as not to break them.

Remove the plastic covers inside the door (usually in the corner of the window) to uncover the mirror mounting nuts.

You may have to remove the entire door trim to access the mirror. Depending on the make and model, you will need to remove plastic clips and Torx or Phillips screws behind the handles or on the side. Again, the technical review will help you quickly find the right locations.

2. Unplug the mirror connector

If the mirror is electric, unplug the plug that connects it to the rest of the car.

3. Remove the broken mirror.

Unscrew the nuts and take the mirror out from the outside.

Tip: Attach a breadcrumb wire to the outgoing cable inside the vehicle. You will then thread the new mirror’s cables more easily, following the same path.

4. Place the new mirror

It’s time to install your new mirror:

Please put it in place, taking care to position the joint between the mirror and the car’s sheet metal.

– Tighten the nuts without using too much force; otherwise, you risk breaking the mounting brackets.

– If your mirror is mechanically operated, attach the knob to the cover.

– If it is electrical, reconnect the connector.

5. Check that the mirror is working properly

Before putting the hubcaps back on :

– Check that the rear-view mirror responds to the controls correctly.

– Reassemble the door trim if necessary.

– Replace the mirror cover.

– Clean the mirror and adjust your mirror.

Particular case: change only the mirror glass

If your mirror is intact, but its mirror is broken, replace only that part; it will cost you less than changing the whole mirror.

Here are the steps to replace the glass on one of your outside mirrors:

– Unclip the mirror in place. To do this, slide a flat screwdriver underneath, possibly wrapped in a cloth, and pull gently.

– Disconnect the defrost wires if there are any.

– Check that the mounting system of the new mirror is identical to the old one. You may need to retrieve a spring or mounting brackets from the old mirror, as these accessories are not always supplied.

– Reconnect the defrost cables.

– Fit the new mirror by gently pushing on it. Please press the entire surface of the mirror with the flat of your hand so that it doesn’t crack.

– Finally, clean your glass with a cloth and window cleaner and adjust your mirror.

Tip: Before ordering the new mirror glass, first check whether your mirror is de-icing or not.

Materials needed to change a mirror



Phillips screwdriver

Starting from $3.

Flat screwdriver

Starting from $1.

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