The Best Addiction Memoirs for the Sober Curious

These true stories have inspired many to quit and completely recover from their indulgence in alcohol and drugs. The book provides a great insight into understanding how best to recover from various forms of addiction. It provides advice and solution to those seeking transformation and rehabilitation after passing through a prolonged period of addiction.

Best Books on Addiction and Recovery

Stories heal, and no circle knows that more than the recovery circle. The simple fact that we are not alone in our struggle can be enough to find our way best alcoholic memoirs out of the dark. Dr. Brown gives us tools to shape and share our thoughts in the most honest way possible, which can be a crucial step towards healing.

Best Books About Alcohol Recovery

My guess is that most addiction memoirs involve some kind of compromise between the author’s aesthetic and ethical impulses. This ethical dimension (or an aesthetic impurity) is a distinctive aspect of addiction memoir as a literary form. Richard (Richie) Farrell is the author and voice behind a wonderful and difficult story of heroin addiction and recovery.

best book for addiction recovery

Books are a great way to support your recovery journey

“Raising Healthy Children in an Alcoholic Home” can be useful in many practical ways, as the author treats this subjects with empathy and a vast clinical understanding. The book offers a clear and sensible guidance on how to protect children from the harms caused by parental alcoholism. We recommend it to parents who are raising children in a family that deals with alcoholism, as well as to counselors, therapists, and healthcare professionals that are working with families struck by this issue. When someone else’s problem becomes your problem, chances are very good that you’re codependent. And to say that codependency is prevalent among people whose loved ones are fighting addiction would be an understatement. When people we love are struggling and hurting, it’s so easy to throw ourselves right into the middle of their situation.

best book for addiction recovery

Carrie Fisher, Augusten Burroughs, Leslie Jamison: 15 great recovery memoirs – Entertainment Weekly News

Carrie Fisher, Augusten Burroughs, Leslie Jamison: 15 great recovery memoirs.

Posted: Wed, 22 Jun 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

And yet—even though each of these books goes its own way, never hesitating to flout a trope or trample a norm to serve its story—they don’t go in terror of the conventions either. Where the story they have to tell echoes others, they let us hear that echo. One characteristic I think I discern in the best addiction memoir is a certain humility that doesn’t strive after innovation for its own sake. Serious addiction has a way of annihilating your sense of exceptionalism, stripping away your autonomy and character, and reducing you to the sum of your cravings. Meanwhile solidarity and communion are often touchstones among recovering addicts. I think a trace of that worldview finds expression—again, in the best addiction memoirs—in the form’s tendency to value the authentically commonplace over sensational performance.

Essential Books for Those with an Addicted Loved One

Quit Like a Woman is about how Holly discovered a more successful way to maintain sobriety and is using that discovery to help others who struggle with substance abuse. This is a complete program rather than a risk-free regime or a book. You can simply go through the process of eliminating your drug addiction and alcohol abuse or any other kind of addiction you may have been struggling with. The program enables the user to build in strength that will help fight against pornography addictive activities, gambling, drinking abuse, and drug addiction.

  • Among the attendees was Dr. Victor Archambeau, who shared his journey of recovery from alcoholism and substance abuse spanning over three decades.
  • When she realizes sobriety is her only path forward, she keeps a diary of her road to recovery, from finding a sponsor to discovering a new social life not centered around alcohol.
  • Eventually my faith brought me to my knees and I began my journey of sobriety after having a spiritual experience.

How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell

Original Sins: A Memoir

Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol

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