7 Tips to Help Protect Your Windshield

Are your windshields damaged? This is an annoyance which can sometimes have costly consequences. Keeping the car safe is essential to keep the windshield in good conditions. A garage or sheltered place is usually a preferred place. Otherwise, some precautions are advised.

1) Be Mindful of Temperature Variations

The end of winter and the beginning of spring are particularly dangerous periods for your windshield. As there are often significant temperature differences such as a pleasant spring sun during the day which eventually gives way to a cold night. Such varying temperatures create tension on windshields and can even cause cracking. Keeping the car inside a safe and shielded area will help avoid these unnecessary issues.

2) Choose the Right Place

There are certain conditions that you should avoid when cleaning your windshield. Direct sunlight causes liquid cleaners to evaporate. Not only does this reduces the impact of the cleaner, but can also create harmful vapours. To avoid these problems, always clean a windshield in a garage or any other sheltered area. 

3) Protect Your Windshield

The windshield can often be covered in snow or frost, especially if the car is sleeping outside. To avoid long defrosting sessions every morning, the simplest solution is to prevent the formation of frost! To do this, simply cover the windshield the day before, or if you plan to park your vehicle for several days. Placing cardboard or newsprint on the windscreen can be effective, but if the temperature is below 0 ° C and the humidity is high, ice can form on the cardboard, and it may stick to the windshield. To avoid problems, it is better to use an anti-frost screen cover. 

4) Avoid Pouring Hot Water on It

Pouring hot water on the windshield to defrost it should be strictly avoided. The thermal shock caused by hot water may crack the glass, especially if it has already been damaged before.

5) Use the Right Products

There are specific products used for the maintenance of the windshield. It should be cleaned regularly, both indoors and outdoors. For instance, you can find wipes that are specially used to keep windshields clean and act as an anti-fog treatment. As for the traces left by insects and birds, mosquito repellents or other anti-insect sprays can quickly help get rid of them. It’s up to you to find your favourite cleaner, wash the windshield and finish off by wiping with a clean cloth!

6) Repair Any Impact/ Damage on the Windshield as Soon as Possible

If you have a damaged windshield, have it repaired as soon as possible. This will prevent your glass from having any larger crack. Replacing a windshield with a minor chip or crack is also more expensive than repairing an impact.

7) Don’t Neglect the Windshield Wipers

Lastly, don’t forget the crucial role your windshield wipers play, especially in winter. It is imperative to make sure that these are in good condition. Ideally, you should remove them and keep them inside so that snow and ice do not accumulate on them. You also need to ensure that the windshield washer fluid you are using is of good quality and will not freeze. Moreover, it is advisable to change them at least once a year, at the end of winter. However, they can be damaged more quickly depending on the use of the car and the weather in your area. If you notice that the wipers make a noise when they are moving, leave marks or the visibility is not optimal even after their passage, it is certainly time to change them. Lastly, always check the fluid level before leaving your home!

For many people, a car is almost part of their everyday life. It is useful and facilitates the daily activities of a person. We don’t always think about it, but a clean windshield and good wipers are essential to ensure safety and comfort while driving. It is, therefore, necessary to properly maintain your windshield for the proper functioning of the vehicle.

 Repairing the windshield is recommended in the event of negligible breakage, scratches, or cracks. This operation only concerns surface damage which does not reduce the driver’s visibility. For larger impacts, it is better to replace it. Moreover, cracked windshield may result in a fine in the event of a traffic check, or even in the case of a parking lot if detected by a police officer. The best option is to look for a specialist to ensure quality work and benefit from optimal visibility. Vehglass is one of the most trusted automotive car glass manufacturers in Melbourne, VIC. Thanks to their professional skills, the experts at Vehglass are able to quickly identify the nature of the damage and determine the necessary operations to be carried out to give a second life to your windshield!

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