Line-X: Making Your Vehicle Virtually Indestructible

Out of the several brands of spray-on coatings available on the market, Line-X is hands down the most durable solution. This thin coating is able to provide a flawless and virtually impenetrable shield around any vehicle.

While initially marketed as a coating for truck beds, it has gained popularity among many vehicle owners in recent years. The fact that Line-X provides a long-lasting coating to almost anything and can be utilized to protect agricultural and industrial equipment justifies its popularity. You will be surprised to know the number of ways it can be used! In addition to being applied to plastic, fiberglass and concrete surfaces, among the notable applications of this almost miraculous coating are bulletproof vests, bridges, and boats. Its incredible tensile strength allows it to absorb kinetic energy from bullet fragments to explosive shrapnel. This strength enables the coating to withstand damage whilst remaining flexible and strong. Amazing, right? All from a product that was initially meant to line the back of pickup trucks!

What Is Line-X Made of?

While the majority of spray-on bed liners are made of a polyurea hybrid, Line-X sticks to pure polyurea. And the difference between the two end-products is mindboggling. All sprays made using a polyurea hybrid tend to have high flex and offer relatively good tensile strength, usually in the range of 1700 – 1900 PSI. Their tear strength, elongation, and hardness also typically have a shore hardness rating of around 85-90 Shore A. Impressed? Don’t be. Since, that score in hardness is rather low – especially when compared to the Line-X spray-on bed liner – it means that the coating will be unable to resist abrasion over an extended period of time.

On the other hand, since Line-X bed liners are made of pure polyurea they are the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. From a tensile strength of 2147 PSI to a tear strength of 490 lbs/in, an elongation of 91% and a hardness rating of 50+/- 1 Shore D, the Line-X spray-on bed liner is clearly the superior one when it comes to maximizing toughness and protecting surfaces. Now that’s impressive, right? But, here’s the thing: it gets even better. The numbers you see here? Well, they are only for the standard Line-X spray-on. As unbelievable as it may sound, Line-X offers even better spray-on than their standard ones.

Everything You Need to Know about Line-X Sprays

In addition to its tensile strength, elongation, and hardness, there are other crucial things you need to know about this coating:

1.It’s not just about the spray.

No matter how good the coating is, it will only be as good as its installation. If you want to coat your vehicle, find a reputable and trustworthy installer or a dealer in your locality. It is the only way to ensure that you get the best of this coating.
As good as the spray product is, in theory, it is only as good as the “install”. With any good “installers” or Line-X dealers, you will get the full protection that this product can provide.

2.No matter how great they are, they are not eternal.

Regardless of the coating you get, it will fade with time. Exposure to UV-light for a long period will gradually wear down the spray-on coating. The good thing with Line-X is that you know it will last longer than any other regular product.

3.Do not expect Line-X to last as long as the paintwork.

Spray-on bed liners are very different from the paint used on your vehicle. While Line-X typically lasts longer than other coatings on the market, it will still fade much faster than the rest of the paintwork on your vehicle.

4.Warranty? With Line-X, it’s a lifetime warranty.

Most, if not all, Line-X dealers and suppliers offer lifetime warranties on the product. Just make sure to ask them about it before getting them to install it.

5.The install will only be as good as the installer.

It ties in with the first point on this list. If the facilities are dirty, skip it altogether. A messy workplace is not a good sign. Get out of there and find someone cleaner.

6.Do not get everything.

As with anything else, expect the installers to try to sell you more products that you actually need. So, before you even go in for an install, think of what you need and consider your budget. Do not rush into an install that you don’t need. Remember that it can cost anything from $600 to $800. You want to be wise about how you spend that amount of money.

But despite all that, even if it’ll cost you quite a bit, the benefits of installing line-x are abundant. Commonly used as a truck bed liner spray, this spray truly creates a near near-indestructible outer layer on any surface.

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