Covering (Wrapping): What is it?

Changing the appearance of a vehicle can be time-consuming and costly. Prices can quickly rise for a complete painting done by a professional! And it will also be necessary to have the registration document modified. Why not opt for covering?

Covering here means to totally or partially cover your vehicle with an adhesive film. For example, the entire bodywork can be covered or only the windows. The objective can be to protect your car or purely decorative.

Why choose covering or car wrapping?

Covering allows:

1. The metamorphosis of a vehicle by changing its colour entirely without going through the usual painting process at an auto body shop. And it remains reversible! It is ideal if you often change your mind or think about reselling your vehicle after you have authorized an original decoration;

2. The addition of some inscriptions or drawings in digital printing that you may want to use to advertise on your vehicle;

3. The removal of the covering at any time. It, therefore, makes it possible to preserve but also to protect the original paint from the little worries of daily life. That is, micro-scratches or minor incidents will no longer bother you;

4. A personal and unique decoration that would be impossible to reproduce with paint.

Good to know: Covering is considered as an interchangeable film in the eyes of the authorities and not as a durable paint. You can, therefore, transform your vehicle as you wish without having to change your registration document!

What are the terms, conditions and prices for covering?

The covering is carried out by a professional, and the prices will be communicated to you by quote. The latter will be different from one car to another depending on its size and the covering required.

– For a full cover of a three-door city car, count $1,300.

– For a five-door sedan, you will have to spend around $1,600.

– For a 4×4, the price increases even more: a little less than $1,800.

– For a luxury model, it will cost more than $2,000.

Good to know: The installation at a professional can take from 24 to 48 hours in general.

How long does covering last?

The various brands and covering professionals promise about ten years of durability. But this varies greatly depending on how you maintain it.

A car stored in a heated and covered garage will look better for more years than a vehicle exposed to bad weather, cold and sunlight. The cleaning of the auto body is done in the same way as the original paint.

Good to know: The wear and tear over time is one thing, of course, but companies generally guarantee the installation! Check this closure on the contract before you take out your wallet! If air bubbles appear or the film peels off, the part must be replaced free of charge.

Hope the above helps you decide whether to choose for covering or not. If still in doubt, jot down your comments in the section below. I will be happy to reply.

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